Interested in owning a beautiful personalized oil painting portrait of your beloved pet?

These paintings are a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a beloved pet that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, or is still full of life and with you today. I strive to create portraits that truly embody the personality and energy of the pet and create a wonderful experience for the client.

I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by animals and pets all my life and know the incredible joy they can bring to our lives. I pour passion and love into my paintings to ensure that I create something that will make your heart sing.

  • 1. Choose A Photo of Your Pet

  • 2. Select The Size

  • 3. Reach Out

  • 8” x 10” Portrait

    "Oil Painting Sketch” Pet Portrait Commission

    Painted on unframed Stretched Cradled Canvas (3/4” thick).

    $170 USD

    + Shipping Costs

  • 16” x 20” Portrait

    "Oil Painting Sketch” Pet Portrait Commission

    Painted on unframed Stretched Cradled Canvas (1.5” thick)

    $330 USD

    + Shipping Costs

** Stretched Cradled Canvas will come with painted sides that match the painting. These can be hung on the wall directly for a contemporary feel, or may be framed without glass.

** Please note that the prices quoted above are for ONE pet in each portrait. Contact me for a custom rate for including more than one pet!

They come with attached hardware so it’s as easy as putting them up as soon as the painting arrives!

 Choosing Photos of Your Pet

The quality of your photographs are of utmost importance when it comes to commissioning a pet portrait - good photos allow me to truly see the nature, details and personality of your pet which then leads to a fantastic painting that matches the likeness of your beloved furry friend.

Typically the painting will be based off one photograph, however multiple photos are more than welcome!

What makes a good photo for reference?

• natural lighting (like taken outside during daylight hours)
• clear image (so I can see the details)
• photo taken from your pet's level

  • Perfect Photo

    • Natural lighting
    • Clear detail
    • Taken at pet’s level
  • Less Ideal Photo

    • Not taken from pet’s level
  • Less Ideal Photo

    • Blurry
    • Poor lighting

My Process

1. Discuss details of painting with the client

This is where I get to introduce myself to the client and go over the details of the painting, such as size, personality, shipping and more.

2. Deposit is paid, and I get painting!

Prior to starting on the painting, the non-refundable deposit (50% of total painting cost, not including shipping fees) is made, then the painting is started!

For paintings that are larger than 10"x10" in size, I like to send a few progress photos to keep the client in the loop.

3. Painting is Completed

Once painting is completed, the remaining cost of the painting and shipping fees are paid (upon the client's approval of the painting), and the painting is packaged carefully and mailed to the client.

 Timelines & Shipping

Oil paintings take time to do and to dry, so please keep this in mind when it comes to ordering paintings with a specific arrival date in mind.

Please see the time frames below according to size (the time frame begins once the non-refundable deposit has been made).

Oil Paint Sketch
Painting will be complete within 6 weeks of deposit, and will be mailed within 1 week of the final payment.

 Shipping The Paintings

I carefully package each painting with love so that it arrives in pristine condition.

Shipping times and costs vary depending on location.
Paintings are insured for their full cost and require a signature upon arrival.
(Want to know an approximate cost of shipping before we get started? Send me an email, I’d be happy to help you!)

Please note that I do not offer framing services for paintings. Wooden panels come with painted sides that can be hung on a wall without a frame for a beautifully contemporary look. Masonite panels must be framed without glass.

Why don’t I frame the painting for you?
Choosing a frame for your artwork is a personal choice - it allows you to truly integrate the artwork into your home by choosing a frame that matches your decor and personality. Framed paintings also cost more to ship.